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9 Simple Steps To Organize Wardrobes

9 Simple Steps To Organize Wardrobes

A well-organized wardrobe will always help you to contribute happiness, joy, and a relief of finding your cloth easily. We all get dressed at least once every day for any purpose and having an organized wardrobe is the sign of organized life. So, follow these tips to organize your wardrobe.

Start Organizing
“I can’t find my…….?”  Or “Where is my….?” These are the common lines that we use most of the times when getting dressed. This step may seems painful but this will take away all of the pain of not finding anything or useless stuff that makes your wardrobe more clutter. Organizing a wardrobe will not only help you to save your time but it also help you to clean and ready to wear cloth as well. A simple way of that is, store your regular used cloth with in your range, less used items below and rarely used items (like sweaters in summer) at the top.

Get Rid of Useless Stuff
Take out everything for your wardrobe, so exactly you get an idea of what you have in cloths and how much space you have. This will not only help you to get rid from the useless stuff but also make more space for your important stuff. You can put all of the clothes on your bed or table and fold them in piles to manage more easily.

Use Matching Hangers
Put your clothes on matching and uniform hangers, it will give you a decent look and also good hangers protect the cloths from damage. Matching hangers always make your space more justified and attractive.

Group the Stuff
Always group all of the items by category- like blouses, tops, shirts, jeans, pants, sweaters, skirts and others, it will always help you to find your things easily. For example, arrange your jeans by color, from darkest to lightest or lightest to darkest, skirts by its length, etc. You can also arrange your cloth by corporate, casual, party or night categories.

Folded Clothes
If you are arranging your cloths in drawers, then instead of making piles you can roll them and then arrange according your ways. If you are thinking that you will get wrinkles on your t-shirts then you are wrong – just fold them nicely (don’t cram them) and it will work perfectly. You should always arrange your clothes like it make sense and easy to maintain for you. Remember, “Out of sight, out of mind rule.”

Arrange Footwear Perfectly
For arranging your shoes, you can flip one pair backward to arranging more shoes in a line on the rack or floor. Simply keep one shoe facing backward and other forward, and then put the back facing shoe little backward. You can use this technique for almost every shoe, and for sandals you can flip them to each other. (It depends on your choice, that how you like to store them).

Bag Arrangement
To arranging your bag in your wardrobe, the most important thing is that you always maintain their shapes. For maintaining their shapes you can fill them with the tissue and newspaper or etc.

Manage Jewellery Nicely
To arranging your jewellery, you can either use fabric boxes which help them to carry nicely or you can use separate drawers for them which also laminated with fabric. Always remember to keep gold and silver separately otherwise after some days you will find your jewellery bad condition.

Other Accessories
For other accessories like belt, scarf or other you can use towel holder. You can use one or two holders in the inside of the wardrobe door. Boxes or jars are also helpful to store smaller items. “Adding lights in the wardrobe will also help you to find things easily and it will look nice also.”

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