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How To Choose A Right Color For Your Room

How To Choose A Right Color For Your Room

Why one place is appealing and another is uncomfortable for us?  Why some Interior gives us warm and other cool feelings? The answer is color – about 50 to 60 percent role for every design or interior. Always remember that a color can either make or break your design.

If the color is right then –

  • It can make a space either warmer or cooler.
  • It can make your space larger or smaller.
  • It can help you to light the dark areas and darker the lighter.
  • It can help you to stay healthy.

If you heard that the green color helps to feel more relaxing, red gives energetic and blue can give you calm feelings, but its work only when you choose a right Hue Value. For example if you choose bright and sharp green color then it will definitely not help you to feel relaxing at all, if you choose the wrong red you feel more depressed and the deep value of blue can give you more cooler then calm.

Before starting your interior project always takes a poll of your family members that what they think and always prepare a questioner about your requirements and needs, for example-

  • Where is the room?
  • How many window and which direction they are?
  • Who is using that room?
  • You will use that room for socially or personally?
  • Is there any landscape or beautiful view out there?

 These are the few examples for your questioner you can add more according to your needs, it doesn’t matter that how many questions you have, it can be very few or it can be hundreds- as long as you have questions you will get more accurate and good result.

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Akanksha Bhardwaj
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