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How To Choose Fabric For Your Home Decor

How To Choose Fabric For Your Home Decor

There are two types of fabrics – Natural and Synthetic. Both are have good and bad qualities, if one has better quality then other have durability, if one looks more polished then other will perform better for a long time.  It’s up to you that what type of fabric you want either you want it for a long run or you want it to be look more attractive, either you want it to be natural or you want your object more fancy. Here’s a various type of fabrics that you can use for decorating and in what they are best-

Cotton: Cotton is an all-round and strongest of the natural fabrics. It says that cotton is a fabric that can breathe and breathe very well.  Cotton can absorb the dye very well so you can find many color option in that.  It can be used in a room in which people sit for long periods of time, it is also a great for seat cushions for occasional chairs or, with fabric protection, for chair covers and also as curtains and less formal window treatments.

Leather: Leather is a tough material but it can be vacuumed easily and it can be cleaned with leather conditioner also. It’s useful for making sofa covers.

Linen:  Linen is made from vegetable fibers. It has a fine luster and if you like wrinkled style then it really good. Linen can be used as a table cover or any objects which you want to cover very decoratively. You can also use it for a window curtains.

Vinyl: Vinyl is more easy caring and less expensive the leather, its durability depends on the quality. Its best for dining or living rooms.

Silk: Silk comes with the wide verities of a fabric weights, you can find very light to a raw heavy silk. It’s also a very good wearable fabric. Silk got bad reputation just because it can be damaged by sun, if you are not using it as an outdoor decoration then it can be a great investment. Silk can be a great for pillows which will gives you cool and very soft feeling.

Wool: Wool is a fabric that provides a long wearable, it’s warm and scratchy but some people can feel allergy with it. Even the dogs might have an allergic reaction to wool carpets. Wool can be a great floor covering carpets which can be small or big according to your choice. Many used it for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Rayon: This is the first synthetic fabric in our list and it can hang and absorbs humidity very well. So, in summers it’s a great fabric for absorbing the heat and humidity but for winters it will not be that good. The best use of this is as curtains.

Acrylic: Acrylic is also a synthetic fabric which is sun-resistance, and it is stains resistant too. It is little hard to clean the acrylic fiber. Basically acrylic is used for blending with natural fabrics to add more durability.

Nylon: Nylon is a solid fiber which is stain and static electricity free. Because of its solidity it is not comfortable to sit, as it warm up quick by body heat, but its use full for commercial use.

Acetate: Acetate is less resistance to wrinkle, wear and fade in sun, it is developed as imitation silk. However it’s not for home furniture and all.

Olefin: olefin is also synthetic fiber which is very high durable but style wise is not that good. It is also useful for commercial use only; you can’t use it as home indoor carpeting.

Polyester: Polyester is fade resistant and its stand bounded together but is hard to clean. If it blended with wool its create problems.

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