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5 Small Spaces You’re Forgetting To Decorate

5 Small Spaces You're Forgetting to Decorate

When we think to decorate our home we always focus to our main places like our bedroom, living room or our study room and almost forget those small places which can have a big impact to our complete interior design. We should always remember that small places also can be so beautiful if we utilize them carefully. I have gathered some tips and tricks for decorating small spaces in your home so check them out.

The Entryway
Entryway is the place which most of the people just ignore or forget to decorate. You can simply enhance your home decor by utilizing your entryway space.  Engage your guests immediately by creating an eye-catching wall display with a slim table. Have a look to Entryway Decor Ideas!

The Entryway Decor Ideas

Foot Of Your Bed
This is the place which we all leave empty with no use. Never forget this place while designing your bedroom, add a bench which could be a extra seating and a convenient way to store extras, like shoes. Adding a desk can transform your bedroom into a small-scale office, and do double duty in a tiny amount of space. 

How To Style The Foot Of The Bed

Under The Stairs
If you are lucky enough to have this space it could be extra seating placements, you can arrange a single sofa with a small table. Even you can make your small library there. Explore more ideas here

Under The Stairs Sesign Ideas

Front Of A Window
This could be a small eye catching place of your room, window front is unique place to play with. Most of the people leave this place un-used but our interior decor ideas can give some life to your simple window. You can use built-in seats for this space or place some ottoman next to the window. Try to hang some lace curtains to half of your window, check the image below. Check out 11 Window Treatment Ideas And Inspirations

Tips For Window Decoration

Hallway is a great place to showcase your photos, some antiques or small decorative accessories. Get some easy ideas for decorating hallway from our picture gallery.

Hallway Decoration Ideasa

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Akanksha Bhardwaj
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