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Laundry Room That Begs You to Stay

inspirational laundry room makeover

Utility spaces such as laundry rooms never receive the attention they deserve. We don’t feel necessary to design our laundry rooms when we think how often they are used. If we could describe the average laundry room in a single word, it would be “joyless”. Here i am showing you how you can turn your laundry room welcoming and soothing. Because of its double- or triple-duty potential, a laundry room redesign is a good choice for you and your family. I have a very inspirational laundry room makeover for you please have a look and read the tips for a perfect laundry room utilization.

Add Storage
As you redesign your laundry space, try to incorporate multiple functions by using clever and useful built-ins. Add shelves or cabinets to store supplies like detergent/Soaps, clothespins, irons and hangers. To make sure that you deal with clothes right away, add a table nearby the washer for folding, a pull-out drying rack for hanging and a hidden ironing board for crisply ironed clothes. Try to make it a one-stop shop so all your chores get done at once — Perfect!

Extra Use Of Laundry Room
If you have a small home, using your utility room for multiple purposes is a great space-saving technique. Because it often has a utility sink, it could be a bath place for your pets. you can use this space to feed your pets also. it could be also your mudroom where you can store your sports equipment, shoes or winter clothes. Think about what your family needs the most, and incorporate that into the room.

Decorate Your Laundry Room
As there is not that much room to play with, take advantage of your walls when you want to decorate your laundry room. Bright paint with some popping texture can help make atmosphere pleasant, when posters and wall decals can add some character to the space. Think of the storage containers as a decoration part too, try to have the baskets and hangers with fun patterns and soothing colors.

I have go through to blog and found this fantastic laundry room makeover which i can’t wait to share with you. The before is kind of friendly with most of us, it’s well organized and maintain but not welcoming. In the new laundry room the blue pattern is very soothing and popping out on the white walls and the other elements are just perfect with this arrangement, visit this makeover project for the details and more pictures.

inspirational laundry room makeover


Akanksha Bhardwaj
Akanksha Bhardwaj
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