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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Hanging Curtains

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Hanging Curtains

A nice window treatment has the ability to give your space a perfect finish like a professional so in this perspective curtains are also important for a fine finishing of your space.  A well-managed window treatment can completely transform your common boring window into an attractive show stopper. Apart from the look and feel side, window treatments are fully functional for controlling the room temperature, protecting from pollution and blocking unwanted light. When you choose curtains as your window treatment, there are few mistakes you should completely avoid when hanging your curtains and make a note about it so you will never forget to avoid these silly mistakes.

Incorrect Measurement
The first thing you should not forget is measurement of your windows and make adjustments about how you want to hang the curtains. It will save your time so you will not have to go again to the store if your curtains and rods are the right size.

Hanging your curtains too low
Hanging the curtains too low can make illusion of low height, while hanging the curtains high can make your room look higher, this is the most important rule while hanging your curtains. The rods should be almost near to the ceiling to make a room taller, this rule must be follow for small spaces.

Using Short Curtains
This is the mistake which can ruin look and feel of your room, using short curtains can give you an outdated look. Always make sure that your curtains length should be ½ inch above of the floor, this trick can make an illusion of height and give you a classic look.

Avoiding Fullness Of Your Curtains
Usually, you should be looking at 2 to 2½ times the width of the window at a minimum for the fullness of your curtains. Who doesn’t want to see folds and curves in their curtains, so to make sure you are not making your curtains looking flat try this tip.

Avoiding Iron Means Wrinkled Fabric
Take the time to iron or steam the curtains to avoid unfinished look, nobody wants to put up wrinkled curtains because it looks so unprofessional and cheap.

Purchasing Wrong Hardware
The curtains are the main attraction point to your room, you should think how the hardware complements the curtains and the overall look. Never forget to measure at least 4 inches out from each side of the frame and purchase a matching style to your interior.

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