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Top 10 Kitchen Color Ideas – A Perfect Cooking Place


Always stick to those perfect color combinations for your kitchen that will never go out of style, also gives you welcoming and soothing environment at the same time. Colors that always call you to enter in your kitchen with a positive and happy feeling. Besides the bedroom, kitchen is the only place where we spent our lot of time and this place should be always perfect for you.

If you are looking for a timeless and welcoming kitchen color ideas for your kitchen that will keep your kitchen always in trend and in style for the long term, then check out our below kitchen color ideas for your perfect kitchen.

Color Choice: Blue
You don’t need to paint your cabinets always to get the colors in your kitchen, sometimes walls does the same thing. In this beautiful and vibrant blue color kitchen walls are having azure blue color with white tiles on the floor, Cabinets has the white and deep charcoal gray accent for complimenting the kitchen walls color. Hint of yellow accents are contributing perfectly to this kitchen’s arrangements. Image Via


Color Choice: Yellow
This sunny yellow color kitchen idea can instantly brighten up your cooking space interior, apart from that yellow color has the ability to make people feel calm, relaxed and happy. Yellow is also a soothing color choice and also it is believed to make feel people more hungry. Isn’t it really great color choice! Image Via


Color Choice: Black + White
This black and white kitchen is a charm and has enough space for your cooking books. Island has perfect storage space and designed perfectly. This kitchen has a high ceiling that makes this kitchen more airy and perfect for a modern house. You can also check our Top 11 Black and White Kitchens Gallery for more inspiration and ideas. Image via


Color Choice: Olive Green 
Green is also a nice shade to use in the kitchen. There are so many different shades of green from including mint and olive green, which pair nicely with white and wood accents. This kitchen interior has a nice olive green shade with white tiles on the floor and light shade of olive green on the cabinets is going perfectly with all the arrangements. Image Via


Color Choice: Orange + White
You don’t need to be too overwhelming when using the orange color, you can add only some hint of orange in some places/objects to get some vibrant feel into your kitchen. This below white kitchen has beautiful orange color combination that has so soothing and welcoming feel. Image via


Color Choice: Burgundy + Gray
This polished gray marble tabletop is looking fab with burgundy cabinets, white walls are adding brightness and balancing the overall look. Sometime you doesn’t need to remodel your complete kitchen, just paint your walls complete white and add some vibrant color like burgundy into the accessories like chairs or chandeliers. Image via


Color Choice: White + Any Color of Your Choice
White color has a great ability to blend with any color of your choice. Sometimes it’s a tough thing to match or blend two different colors but white does it very effortlessly. All you need to choose a single color of your choice and add it with white shade in your kitchen and you are done with a new feel and look for your kitchen. Image via



Color Choice: Turquoise + White
Turquoise and white is something so adorable and charming, below turquoise and white kitchen has a perfectly balanced color combination for those who don’t want to experiment so much and want to play safe while remodeling their kitchens. Image Via


Color Choice: White + Gray
Paint everything in this soothing gray color and match it with white combination, this combination is just perfect not too dark not too light, just perfect! This combination can’t be fail for those who likes soothing and welcoming color for their kitchen and at the same time this combination is timeless and modern too. Image via


Tip to overcome your hesitation: If you are not sure about your color choice and don’t want to mess up with your complete kitchen look then just paint your kitchen white and try to incorporate above color combinations through the accessories of your kitchen like our below kitchen colors inspiration. Add some patterns through the photos or patterned chair covers. Image via


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