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Interior Color Inspiration of the Week – RED

Interior Color Inspiration of The Week – RED

So, how many of you love red color? I bet almost we all love red in different shades and how many of you know that color and moods are connected to each other. Research has been proved that color affects mood and how can we forget red is also a most romantic color in the world.

In all color palette inspirations, red inspire royal, daring, bold, romantic and passionate and at the same time, this is also a color of LOVE and color of INSPIRATION. It gives you contemporary, traditional or timeless feel in the context of its shades and again at the same time, it gives you romantic feeling if we use it in the right way.

In some cultures is a color of prosperity and signifies good fortune. And yes how can we forget that celebrity looks with red color and we are not talking about you but your interior design. As we all know red is the most popular color in the design and fashion industry and also it’s considered as a celebratory hue.

Apart from the culture and that celebrity feel a little touch of red in a room can make you feel warm or maybe you can add some drama in a small space with the Red Interior paint ideas. Bold Red can increase the level of heart rate and blood and warm shade can make you feel good. Red is also known as appetite color that many uses in their kitchens. It’s good to add a red colored dining room in your interior design ideas.

“Red is never boring,” says interior designer Denna McLaughlin of City Studios. “

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Effects of Red Color:
1.  Every color has their history and impacts, I am mentioning few below:
2.  It’s an emotionally intense color.
3.  It’s the symbol of strength, power, passion, love, and desire.
4.  It helps you to increase the respiration rate, blood pressure and it will also enhance the metabolism.
5.  Encourage action and confidence.
6.  It will give you a sense of protection from fears and anxiety.

Interior Color Inspiration of The Week – RED

How to Incorporate Red in Interior Color Design:
Nowadays red is not only read but also rosy red, cherry red, Maroon, Rubin Red and much more. It is completely on you that which share of red you want to choose but if you choose to use that actual blood red then do not go alone with only this color, try to mix it up with some other shades like orange or maybe white. White is an ultimate choice to combine with any bold color to balance the combination. Below are some red paint color ideas, please get some interior color inspirations and paint your favorite place now:

1.   Red walls in a room make more intimated feel or one Red wall can visually make a room long narrow.
2.  Red with Wooden tone can make a room warmer on the other hand Red with Grey can make a room cozy and soft.
3.  Red color or texture in a dining room is best because it enhances your metabolism.
4.  Dark red can observe the light and bright red can make the light bounce more.
5.  A red front door of houses is a very popular choice.
6.  Also, you can put your plants in red pots and place them in your front door garden.

I want to mention one thing here which is very important for those who are new to the interior design or maybe in home décor, Please do not try to experiment with the red color because if you are not professional or you don’t have any Interior paint ideas, you’ll be going to end up with a huge mess or a really ugly room interior color. Painting your all walls with red shade is not a good idea instead try to paint a single wall or maybe try to incorporate little red color accessories like table chairs or maybe a sofa. You can also try some patterns or wallpapers for creating a single statement wall with red color. Or you can take all red color palette inspiration from the internet. You should prepare your interior design ideas before you get into it practically and then the paint color ideas.

Interior Color Inspiration of the Week – RED

Some Interesting Facts about Red Color:
1.  In a rainbow, the Red arc is the highest.
2.  The longest wavelength of the light is Red.
3.  According to Feng Shui, red front door invites the prosperity.
4.  Bees can see all the colors except the red one.

Interior Color Inspiration of The Week – RED

So, here we are done with the Interior Color Red. Interior design starts with the color choices you make so do not be in a hurry when you choose your interior design color pallet because it could be a huge mistake if you go with a pallet that doesn’t suit your needs and mood. Good Luck with your interior design.

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