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16 The Cleverest Bathroom Organization Ideas in One Place

16 The Cleverest Bathroom-Organization Tips in One Place

Anyone can have a perfectly organized bathroom with just little effort and time with these clever bathroom organization ideas. A bathroom is a place where we focus less and need it most for relaxation, this place is the smallest space in the house but still full of little and necessary items. This place can be easily messy and take a lot of time to organize the stuff in place.

You can save your space and transform your bathroom into a comfortable relaxing room by following these easy to do tips and tricks. 

Shelves: On the first place corner shelves are perfect for small spaces and they are very cheap or you can even use your old shelves by painting them freshly, vertical space is usually unused but very valuable so go ahead and use it cleverly.

Baskets & Hooks: Baskets are very good to keep your clutter in a pretty way, use them as a hidden storage under the sink or hang it on the wall to keep the stuff in it. Hooks are a very common accessory for using in the bathroom or anywhere you want to hang your clothes or other stuff. You can even use the hooks to hang the photos of your family members, it could be a decoration accessory too for you.

Upcycling: I am sure, you didn’t know about it that you can use the cake stands in your bathroom to store your hair products or body creams.

Wall Texture: Decorate your bathroom walls with a beautiful pattern or with colorful papers.

  1. Using Small Painted Mason Jars to Hold Little Bathroom Items, Visit this following URL for the detailed tutorial that how to create those cute Mason Jars Holder. Via


  1. Hanging Wire Baskets, Get the Tutorial on


  1. Wall Mounted Wicker Window Baskets. Visit the link for more details about this beautiful project


  1. DIY Under Cabinet Storage System, get the tutorial on


  1. Install Multiple Towel Rods on the Back of Your Door, Inspiration is here


  1. Put a Book Shelf above Your Door for Extra Storage, I got this idea on


  1. Hang Two Shower Rods, Original Idea is from


  1. Keep Your Bobby Pins in Check with Magnets, visit for the tutorial on


  1. Coat Hooks Instead of a Towel Rod for Shared Bathrooms, check out the complete makeover on


  1. Magazine Hanger! BHG has a long list of ideas, visit


  1. Extra Roll Storage, this following storage idea came from


  1. Cake Stand Holder for Shampoo and Shower Gel, I got this beautiful and space saving idea on


  1. Shelving above Toilet, for more creative ideas and projects, visit


  1. Back of the Door Storage. I told you BHG has a long list of ideas, visit


  1. PVC Curling Iron Holsters, get the details on


  1. A Mason Jar Organizer, get the tutorial on


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