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10 Tips For Featuring A Wall With Wallpaper To Make A Style Statement

Walk in the room and consider the wall that is first visible or the wall that draws more attention. Which one will you choose? Adding a bit of color, style, and pattern to a wall transforms it into a high feature wall. Using wallpaper is a great start especially choosing something that’s bold and eye-catching. Narrow down the choices and ensure the right wallpaper prepped for the wall. Here are 10 tips for featuring a wall with wallpaper-latest wallpaper design ideas

A wall with wallpaper provides an opportunity to indulge in a lavish design embracing it as a right feature wall. Decorating a wall offers a fresh look at home and focal point to space. It is a simple way of transforming any wall yet a high impact way. Feature wall acts a canvas for those who want to paint their ideas or designs tend to sheer and shine centrally.

Get inspired by these ten tips usually carried out a freelance professional. Freelancers use different methods and give a perfect look to your walls and make it featured within no time.


  1. Papering the Faceplates for Matching

It is easy to place paper over each faceplate before putting them back to the wall. Identify a piece of paper that goes well with the region of the wall adjacent to the faceplate. After matching it, start trimming the paper in such a way the paper has a 1inch full width in comparison to the plate. Sand and Prime the plate and measure the piece of the wallpaper. Place the paper on the faceplate to make sure it is aligned. Chop the paper and make it 1 inch longer from all four sides. Apply the adhesive and keep it above the faceplate. Before removing the extra, thoroughly check the paper alignment. Trim the corners and crease the corners of the paper. Cut the starting opening and use poke the holes in the wall using nails where you will place the screw.

  1. Be Careful While Trimming The Paper

While trimming the wallpaper, place a putty knife broad in size in between the paper and blades so that paper will not get harm while cutting it out straightly. Until you are finished with the cutting of paper, don’t raise the knife in between.

Another method to trim the paper is using back side of the scissor to draw angles on the covering of the wall. After markings, remove the paper from the wall and start trimming along the apparent lines using a scissor. Try using this method, only when you want to cut the strip straight.

  1. Using a Level or Plumb Blob for Straightening The Wallpaper

 Walls of the house are not plain and flat in the homes. For keeping the straightness of the wallpaper, draw a line using plumb blob which will be needed for measuring the alignment. Another tool that can be used is Carpenter’s level.

Use both, carpenter level and plumb blob for drawing a straight line. If you are making the lines using plumb blob, then use carpenter level to check the straightness of line. Else, you might not be able to recognize the difference, and it will be too late to undo it. You can cut the strip out of the roll straight using carpenter’s level.

  1. Using Adhesive on Strips

Another most crucial point that needs more attention is preparing the paste for wallpaper. If anything goes wrong while mixing adhesive and water, then there might be lumps, and that may not be good for pasting wallpaper. Strips should be placed on a leveled surface before getting wet. Avoid using any paper during pasting that has some written content as it may leave some of its print on the strips. Use plastic wraps for covering the surface.

Unfold the wallpaper on a flat surface. If you are pasting four to five wallpapers, then you might need to mix eight pints of water to make enough paste. The mixture should be in a plastic bucket. For a minimum of thirty seconds, blend the concoction evenly and then allow it to rest for one more minute. After rest, stir it again. Prepare a significant amount of paste if lots of wallpaper being pasted and this might take some days. Cover the bucket of glue adequately with a lid.

  1. For Matching, Remove The Excess Paper

Mark few points extra then the measurement. The length of the first strip of wallpaper should be longer to that of the wall. After the first strip, other pieces should be cut in such a way that there is enough space at the bottom and top. On all the parts, the pattern should be in sync with one another.

  1. Place The Cutouts of Wallpaper on Ground

After taking measures, chop out the strips of appropriate size and place them straight on the ground and making it reference, cut the next one. Adjust the alignments of pattern in the second one and compare it to the first strip. Mark the lines of measurement using pencil behind the wallpaper before making it wet with paste. Don’t do anything directly on the wall. Place them neatly on the ground and then placing them one by one on the wall. This will be easy and great help in pasting strips of wallpaper.

  1. Loosely Roll The Folded Strip

To not let the edges dry and keeping them together, loosely fold the role of the booked strip. After applying adhesive, make it relax and don’t curl it till four repetitions. If a small part of the piece is at the apex, it is easier to place the paper on the wall.

  1. Use Synthetic Bag for keeping Booking Strips

Using a plastic bag, it allows the strip to relax and keep it from drying out. It will enable the adhesive to soak into wallpaper profoundly and keep it moist.

  1. Be Careful While Papering Around Thermostat

 Cover and switch off all the power and switchboards before start pasting paper around them. Smooth the paper downward firmly to the thermostats. Cut out large enough paper around them lying flat but not that large to show cut marks. Chop extra and smooth the paper.

  1. Check The Wall for Flaws

Thoroughly look out for humps and wrinkles and push out air out before it makes any bubble mainly in the center of the wallpaper.


Do you want to use these tips to make your walls look great? Perfect you can undoubtedly take help from freelancers who can do the best task with perfection and will offer you with a quick invoice for making payment.

Freelancers invoice the wallpaper work done for you by downloading the freelance invoice templates available. They provide the best services and submit a flawless invoice to make your walls colorful and your life as well.


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