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Hi Guys,
I am Akanksha Bhardwaj working as a Team Lead (Web & Graphics) in a marketing team of Florida-based MNC. Just got married in Jan 2017 and living in India, Delhi with my husband and his family.

Try to showcasing good-to-know information with inspiring ideas, this is the go-to site for those who are looking to make their home beautiful and life easier. This tiny corner of web is where I collect new ideas and learn – from experience and from the endlessly talented people around the web. I have no professional experience in Interior Designing but i try to collect innovative ideas and projects on this blog as my creative collection and to share with the world.

I never got any chance to renovate my house due to our full time jobs but looking forward to try my hands on some practical things and wanna make my home beautiful and welcoming for the people who live in here.

Things that i am looking forward to do:
1. Create budget friendly DIY for home decor.
2. Renovate old furniture of my home.
3. Create a beautiful photo wall and collect all the sweet memories over there.
4. Wanna try my hands in Painting some beautiful decorative frames.