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5 Ways to Take Care of a Tile Floor

5 Ways To Take Care Of A Tile Floor

Flooring needs special care, just like any other area of your house. Because of that, it’s essential to know how each type of flooring has to be maintained, so you don’t do something wrong. Tile flooring is one of the types chosen by many homeowners for areas such as the

12 Beautiful Indian Home Decoration in the Bedroom

12 Beautiful Indian Home Decoration In The Bedroom

Indian Interior Design is a mix of the amalgamation of various Indian cultures, celebration History, Art, Tradition across the country. So, I personally think that we Indian’s are losing that Indian touch when it comes to Indian home decor and we naturally runs towards that modernize look and feel. Even a

DIY Mandala Light Frame | Diwali Decoration DIY

Hi Guys, hope you all are doing well. I am here with a new Diwali DIY called DIY Mandala Rangoli Light. I got an invitation to attend this very informative and creative DIY workshop from DBEL Studio in collaboration with I Made It. About DBEL Studio DBEL Studio is a luxury lighting

How To Effectively Prevent Pest Infestations

How To Properly Prevent Pest Infestations

Although summer is over, pests still enjoy warm temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, pest infestations can also happen during autumn. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not even know what the common household pests are so it should be no surprise to see that preventative measures are rarely implemented. Fortunately, preventative maintenance is

Avoiding Contractor Accidents in the Home


Having work done on your home, whether it’s a simple one-day project or an entire renovation, is exciting, and so it should be. After all, work carried out on your home is going to enhance its appearance and, hopefully, bump up its value. With that said, even the simplest of home

Design With Stars: Aries

In the 12 signs, ARIES is the very first sign and basically, it's a "Head" of Zodiac. Aries season fall around March 20 - April 19. Aries sign people can be defined as a Lover of Challenges, ardent, a fighter, dynamic and restless. Aries is associated with fire means they